What City is the store based out of?

Central Florida, as our designer lives and works in Gainesville, Florida; and the business operates out of Audubon Park/Orlando, Florida.

How are the images rendered?

Our designer hand draws the images and most of the wording, then the images are screen-printed. None of the images are computer generated.

All images are original pieces of art.

Imperfections found within the images are normal as most everything is hand-drawn.

What are your inks made from?

We use: Water-based inks as they are non-toxic; use a water solvent to cure.

Water-based inks are also color pigment safe which ensures a soft feeling tee for your little one.

Fading is normal on tees when water-based inks are used, especially on triblend tees.

How do I wash my Sweet Wild Press Tee?

Our advice: Turn your tee inside out. Wash in cold water. Then hang dry (for longest-lasting wear).

If you wash & dry the tees, shrinking is normal. We use either 100% cotton or cotton blends that slightly shrink after a wash.

How can we best stay in touch with your newest Collection?

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If you have any other questions not found in our FAQ or POLICY pages, feel free to drop us a line through our CONTACT page.

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